Shackle Key Fob


This key fob can hold up to 8 keys. (Photos shown are regular Yaleยฎ keys.)

1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to disassemble the shackle from the locking pin.
2. Insert locking pin to one side of the shackle and through one side of the leather.
3. Insert the desired number of keys through the locking pin.
3. Insert the locking pin to the other side of the leather and shackle.
4. Tighten using the screwdriver. Once tight, give a good further 45-degree twist to secure the locking pin. Ensure not to further tighten as this may loosen the locking pin thread.

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Leather Choice * 

Know more about our leather choices.

Color shades may vary from the photos/swatches shown due to the lighting used (or photo editing effects, for customer taken photos) or due to the level of tanning done and how receptive the cowhide is with the tanning process.

Oily Pull-up Rustic Chestnut – The imperfections make it perfect. The OPU Rustic Chestnut is our least processed leather from the tannery. Scars, insect bite marks, and natural vein marks on the cowhide may be evident on the final product. Available while supplies last. Please note that the Rustic Chestnut is thinner (~1.2mm) and more supple compared to all leather choices.

Oily Pull-up Chestnut is currently out of stock.

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