Long Wallet (Vegetable-Tanned Cowhide)


A simple long wallet that can hold a total of The traditional wallet design in 100% Vegetable-Tanned Cowhide Leather and no plastic lining. Having this design in pure cowhide leather ensures its durability for years to come.


  • Height: 194mm | Width (Unfolded): 180mm | Width (Folded): ~88mm | Thickness (Empty): 8-9mm | Thickness (13 cards & 15 bills): 14-16mm
  • French-Pricked – 3.85mm
  • Saddle-stitched with Polyester Waxed Thread – 0.4mm to 0.6mm
  • Beveled Edges – 0.7mm to 1.0mm
  • Burnished Edges

Lead time is 1 week upon ordering and payment.

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Vegetable-Tanned Leather

A collection of premium leather items handcrafted from Vegetable-Tanned Leather.