Gadget Clutch


The gadget clutch was design to hold your gadgets: phones, powerbanks, charges and cords. It features a 20 cm x 9.5 cm compartment. It has 3 garterized holders one with 5.0 cm while two measures 5.5 cm. The gadget clutch can be folded in three positions. The largest fold’s length is 17.5 cm, medium fold is 14.0 m and the smallest fold which resemblesย a typical clutch bag is only 12.0 cm.

Note: Though there is a total of 12 leather options available for all products, the gadget clutch is only available in 4 Oily Pull-up (Full-Grain) Leather Choices. Choose from 4 different options for thread and 3 options for the hardware. The garter will always come in brown color.

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