Leather Choices


All of our products are handcrafted from carefully selected genuine leather. The use of the word β€œgenuine” denotes that we only use natural and authentic leather. 

Oily Pull-up vs. Full Side

We only use cowhide leather in all of our products which fall in two main categories; the Oily Pull-up and the Full Side.

Our Oily Pull-up is Full Grain. It is the most durable kind of leather where natural markings, scars, or leather hair pores are still visible. It has a waxy and matte finish.

Our Full Side on the other hand is Ironed Full Grain, shiny and buffed where scars or even branding marks from where the cow came from are still visible.

Leather Thickness

All leather choices on this page have an average thickness of ~1.5mm to ~1.8mm. Our thinnest leather is the Oily Pull-up Rustic Chestnut (Available while supplies last.) at ~1.2mm which is perfect if you want a supple product but are not advisable for items like the Tin Clutch as it doesn’t have any rivets or stitching to make it stand on its own.

Color and Tanning

Colors may vary due to the level of tanning done and how receptive the cowhide is with the tanning process. Each batch of cowhide in the tanning process may react differently from other batches. 

Color shades may vary from product to product. The item that you will receive may show a slight difference from the photos/swatches shown. This may be due to the lighting used (or effects, for customer taken photos). Note that natural light was used to take photos of the swatches shown below.

Oily Pull-up leather may appear darker when received. This is the case when fresh leather from the tannery is used as the oils are still fresh. Give it a few weeks for it to reveal it’s true color. An early test to reveal the true color of the leather is to pinch it so as to force the oils to rearrange.

Oily Pull-up Leather Choices

Front – Stretched

Back or “Obo” Side – Stretched

Full Side Leather Choices

Front – Stretched

Back or “Obo” Side – Stretched

Premium Limited Stock Leather 

Oily Pull-up Rustic Chestnut

Our thinnest Oily Pull-Up at ~1.2mm versus all other leather choices at ~1.5mm or thicker.