Kuya Arlan

Meet kuya Arlan, a very jolly father of 8 who always has his game-face on when stitching every Astrid Leather product that you order from us. He is one of the fathers and mothers who handstitch every item that the team produce.

Astrid Leather does not have anyone in-house that stitch your orders. All of them has to stay in their own homes to take care of their kids. Most of them pick up items ready for stitching in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon or evening to be prepared for delivery.

Purchasing sewing machines is a no-brainer for us to increase capacity, but we choose not to. There is something special if a leather product is done by hand. The two-needle cross-stitch itself cannot be replicated by a machine and knowing that someone toiled for you to have this product makes you cherish the product even more.