Thanks for considering us in having your customized leather item with us. We offer customized designs but are limited to some extent. We could categorize customizations requests into three, 1) customized leather color, thread and hardware 2) design revision, and 3) new customized item.

For the first category, all our products can be customized in terms of the chosen leather and also the thread and hardware if applicable. This takes up majority of our orders and can be done on the website directly. Name or initials engraving can also be done but are limited to 9 characters for Oily Pull-up and Full Side Leather while 5 characters for Vegetable-Tanned leathers. However, there will be no alterations in the physical design of the product.

The second is the design revision, if you want to lengthen, add a card slot, add a ring to keychains, those are doable but up to a certain extent. We normally do this only for the relatively smaller items but will not be able to accept all requests. If we think the added revision is something that future customers will likely also benefit, then there is a high chance we will accept this request.

The third is new customized items, where clients can request for a new design that is not currently carried on our website. If a design is something that we deem could be liked by other customers, then we could take a look at the request and have our crafting team approve it.

It takes time and multiple prototype testing before something gets approved to be made available for customers. We actually try and test the items themselves for a few weeks and make some adjustments before we release it on the website.

Hope the above clarifies our position on customized items.

If you have something in mind, just message us on Facebook, Intagram or E-mail so we can go over it and provide feedback. Thank you!